RULE III : Laws Repealed

SECTION 1. Laws repealed. — Pursuant to the repealing clause of Article 303 of the Code, the following labor laws are deemed repealed by the Code:

(a) Act No. 1874, or the Employer's Liability Act.

(b) Act No. 2473.

(c) Act No. 2486, as amended, or the Recruitment for Overseas Employment Act.

(d) Act No. 2549.

(e) Act No. 3957, as amended, or the Private Employment Agency Act.

(f) Act No. 3428, as amended, or the Workmen's Compensation Act.

(g) Act No. 3959, or the Contractor's Bond Act.

(h) Commonwealth Act No. 103, as amended, or the Court of Industrial Relations Act.

(i) Commonwealth Act No. 104, as amended, or the Industrial Safety Act.

(j) Commonwealth Act No. 213.

(k) Commonwealth Act No. 303.

(l) Commonwealth Act No. 444, as amended, or the Eight Hour Labor Law.

(m) Republic Act No. 602, as amended, or the Minimum Wage Law, except Sections 3 and 7 thereof.

(n) Republic Act No. 679, as amended, or the Woman and Child Labor Law.

(o) Republic Act No. 761, as amended, or the National Employment Service Law.

(p) Republic Act No. 875, as amended, or the Industrial Peace Act.

(q) Republic Act No. 946, as amended, or the Blue Sunday Law.

(r) Republic Act No. 1052, as amended, or the Termination Pay Law.

(s) Republic Act No. 1054 or the Emergency Medical and Dental Treatment Law.

(t) Republic Act No. 1826, as amended, or the National Apprenticeship Act.

(u) Republic Act No. 2646.

(v) Republic Act No. 2714.

(w) Republic Act No. 5462, or the Manpower and Out-of-School Youth Development Act.

(x) Reorganization Plan No. 20-A.

All rules and regulations, policy instructions, orders and issuances implementing Presidential Decree No. 442, as amended, contrary to or inconsistent with these rules are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

All other laws involving employer-employee relations, including the Sugar Act of 1952 (R.A. 809), are deemed not repealed.